FreeWave Technologies, Leader in Wireless M2M Telecommunications, Celebrates 20 years in Business

FreeWave Technologies, Inc., the innovator in industrial-grade M2M wireless networking solutions, is celebrating its 20th year in business.

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FreeWave Technologies, Inc., the innovator in industrial-grade M2M wireless networking solutions, is celebrating its 20th year in business. The Boulder-based company has been a stable contributor to the local economy and community since its inception in August 1993.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics for 2011, 20 years in business is a significant accomplishment for a company in Colorado, where only 13 percent of businesses still exist that were established more than 20 years ago . As FreeWave celebrates this important milestone, it sets its sights on innovating and leading the future of M2M wireless networking with the help of its growing, talented team.

“Our 20th year in business is a time to celebrate and thank our employees for their dedication to excellence in serving our customers,” said Steve Wulchin, CEO of FreeWave Technologies. “When FreeWave recently moved its headquarters to accommodate for growth, we felt it was important to keep the business in the city that has been our home for the past 19 years. As we celebrate this anniversary in our new building, it serves as an opportunity to reflect upon not only on what we’ve accomplished, but toward the future of FreeWave.”

Despite the move into a newer and larger space, FreeWave has maintained its unique culture that was established 20 years ago. Today, the executive team still works in cubicles. In fact, there are no offices for any senior employees, including the CEO. FreeWave also encourages its employees to help give back to the local community and has established a team within the company that organizes local service initiatives. Recent efforts include a local blood drive, slash pile restoration at Hall Ranch and fundraising/serving at the Boulder Homeless Shelter.

“At FreeWave, we provide solutions that make an impact on industries that are part of critical infrastructures around the world,” said Brent McAdams, director of customer advocacy and an employee for more than seven years at FreeWave. “Our wireless M2M solutions are used in the agriculture industry to help provide food, in government and defense communications to help save lives, and to support operational efficiency in energy sectors, such as in oil/gas and electric power. Working for a company that is making a difference in our world is both rewarding and motivating.”

FreeWave Perks – Hard Work But Balanced Lifestyle
While the bar is held very high at FreeWave, employees are rewarded for their hard work. In addition to the bi-annual bonus payments that FreeWave is well-known for, employees receive a generous simplified employee pension (SEP) plan, fully funded by FreeWave that contributes up to 15 percent of an employee’s earnings. After one year at FreeWave, employees can utilize up to 40 hours per year of charitable time off for volunteer work. After 10 years of service, FreeWave employees can take up to three weeks paid time off for a sabbatical and the company will reimburse up to $10,000 in expenses. It also offers contributions toward health club and continuing education tuition expenses. These perks are just a small example of the many benefits that FreeWave employees receive.

“The reason I’ve been loyal to FreeWave for more than 15 years is because of the people who work here,” said Toni Valdez, inside sales manager at FreeWave. “I took a brief hiatus a few years back to earn my Master’s Degree, but I returned because this company employs high caliber people who excel at what they do. It has truly been an incredible experience to see the ‘garage band’ that we once were, grow into an immensely successful company.”

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