Sercos Community is on the increase

Feb. 26, 2014
Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos® automation bus, has recently recorded world-wide membership growth.
Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos automation bus, has recently recorded world-wide membership growth. 
Innovasic joined the Sercos community as part of its continuous commitment to Industrial Ethernet.  The company intends to develop and launch more Sercos-capable products throughout this year. "With Sercos your real-time and non-real-time messages can share the wire,” says Tom Weingartner, Vice President Marketing at Innovasic. "Innovasic‘s Priority Channel Technology can help to make that even better. Supporting Sercos is a logical next step in our Industrial Ethernet strategy.”  
Festo Corporation of Hauppage, New York has joined Sercos N.A., the North American promotion alliance for the Sercos automation bus, as an associate member. The company is a leading world-wide supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology and is a performance leader in industrial training and education programs. 
Frank Langro, Director of Marketing & Product Management at Festo Corp., feels that “by becoming a member we at Festo will be able to bring the perspective of an automation supplier who has an integrated product line that includes controls, drives and I/O devices, making this an ideal fit.”  
Sercos Asia has recorded a significant growth in membership. Beijing Shouke Catchet Electrical Technology develops high-voltage frequency converters, open NC software systems, precise servo control technology, direct electrically driven precise motion components, automation control systems, machine tool NC systems, fuzzy controls and more and is one of the first companies to join Sercos Asia. 
As a globally leading technology provider, STGCON New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. also joined Sercos Asia. The company provides various components and systems, including capacitors, PLCs, servo motors, robots, factory automation production lines, electrically driven vehicle solutions, charging stations, photovoltaic power plant and photovoltaic roof.
One of the biggest beverage providers in China, the Huangzhou Wahaha Group, strengthens the Asian Sercos community too. The group also established a mechatronics research institute for developing best equipment with globally leading technologies.  
In addition to the above named organizations, to mention but a few, Sercos has recorded a growing number of  institutions joining the Asian user organization. 
The Automation School, Southeast University is just one of them. With a history of about 100 years, the Southeast University has been famous for its leadership in Science and Technology in China.
Zhejiang University, one of the top 5 universities in China, is another new member. 
"We are delighted to see such growth as it confirms our strategy of being an independent vendor with an open platform and high performance technology“, says Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International.  
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