Advantech Teams With Nvidia on Industrial Artificial Intelligence

June 28, 2019
With their sights set on widening the use of artificial intelligence in industry, Advantech and Nvidia are working together around the use of Nvidia’s Jetson technology in cloud and edge computing products.

Though it’s not difficult to find examples of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in manufacturing, it’s still far from a commonplace occurrence. To help expand the use of AI in industry, Advantech is partnering with Nvidia to incorporate Nvidia’s Jetson technology into several of its upcoming edge and cloud-based AI products.

Jetson is a series of low-power embedded computing boards featuring Nvidia’s Tegra system-on-a-chip and an ARM architecture central processing unit.

Advantech is using Nvidia’s Jetson platform in three AI edge systems to be released later this year—the MIC-710IVA, MIC-720AI, and MIC-730AI. According to Advantech, these systems will allow AI application developers to rapidly create unique AI solutions based on Jetson.

For cloud applications, Advantech’s SKY-6000 series servers with Nvidia’s graphics processing unit (GPU) enable the creation of high-density systems for big data aggregation. Featuring Advantech’s industrial design and Nvidia’s T4 GPU, these servers can resolve thermal issues typically created by high-density GPU computing, according to Advantech.

These new announcements build on Advantech and Nvidia’s release earlier this year of their AI Network Video Recording platform incorporating Advantech’s MIC-710IVA with Nvidia’s Jetson Nano. Nvidia describes Jetson Nano as a small computer on which multiple neural networks can be run in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. It can run using as little as 5 watts of power.

“Advantech’s partnership with Nvidia is taking huge steps forward in making AI a reality for manufacturing, transportation, and smart city applications. Through close collaboration in AI product development, Advantech and Nvidia are driving innovative transformations for AI applications,” said Linda Tsai, president of Advantech Industrial IoT Group.

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