Factory Floor Device Communications Software

Provides enhanced communication with Allen-Bradley controllers without the need for OPC.

NET.LOGIX 4.0 provides a direct communication pipeline between Microsoft Visual Studio .NET applications and factory floor devices without the need for OPC servers, resulting in fast communications without high operating costs, according to the company. It is designed for writing automation and control applications in Visual Basic.Net or Visual Studio C#, and allows users to communicate directly to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix and SoftLogix programmable automation controllers via an Ethernet communication channel; design custom HMI and data acquisition and control applications for Microsoft's .NET Framework; and deploy applications on as many machines as desired, without paying additional license fees. The software requires no third-party components, drivers, APIs or tools. Applications developed with this software can run on 64- and 32-bit Windows and Windows Server and Linux with Mono Framework. A version is also available for Compact Framework for Windows CE, Mobile and Smart devices. The software is offered in multiple editions, including Single Machine Edition, Developer Edition, Team Edition and Compact Framework Edition. An optional USB license key is also available to easily float development capabilities to runtime computers for field testing and debugging.

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