Advantech: Intelligent Ethernet I/O Modules with Customizable Functionality

The ADAM-6200 Series provide distributed control capabilities with peer-to-peer communication and graphic condition logic programmability for true programmable control within the module or between modules.

Aw 18753 1310np Advantech

The peer-to-peer communication is enhanced with a switch and two RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet ports in each module supporting daisy chain connectivity. The internal switch has a unique physical auto-bypass feature that ensures continuity of the network should the module fail. The series is compatible with and fully supports all of the features of the company's ADAM-6000 series, including Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols, but has added many more features and enhancements. These include hosting an enhanced web page using HTML5, which can be modified and is programmable using Java, JavaScript, and REST. Group configuration has also been added for performing fast mass updates of the modules. The HTML5 based web page adds new flexibility to visualization of the status of the I/O of individual modules, supporting computer web browsers as well as smart phones and tablets. Modules can be monitored and controlled from a variety of platforms, allowing access through password protected web pages with enhanced graphics displaying digital I/O status as well as analog input by value or in line graph charts.

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