Wago: Ethernet Starter Kits

The ETHERNET 2.0 (IP20) and SPEEDWAY (IP67) ETHERNET Starter Kits offer a low-cost approach to training.

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The Starter Kits consist of comprehensive I/O nodes complete with software site licenses and hardware. Augmenting the kits are free, downloadable sample applications including visualization, controlling process digital inputs and outputs, controlling rotating machinery and processing the fieldbus controller's real-time clock. Based on the company's IP20 and IP67 control platforms, the kits feature supplementary I/O modules, power supplies and cabling. A Quick Start Guide and "tools & documents" DVD are also included to support training. The IP20 ETHERNET starter kit contains 750-880 ETHERNET 2.0 PLC with SD Card, two-channel DI and DO modules, power supply, two-way digital input simulator and end module. The 750-880 blends IT-style flexibility and PLC functionality, demonstrating large-scale programming, data logging, backup/restore and more via SD Card. The IP67 Starter Kit introduces cabinet-free automation via prominent protocols such as Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP. It features a SPEEDWAY programmable controller with Ethernet ports, 8-channel DO and spacer modules, power supply rocker switch and RJ-45 to-cable breakout module.

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