Westermo: Ethernet Gateway

The Microlok II gateway helps provide resilient network solutions for railway networks.

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The gateway converts data from the rail industry standard Microlok II protocol's native serial format to a UDP (user datagram protocol) packet that can then be transmitted alongside other data on a trackside Ethernet network. This functionality allows rail operators and system integrators to implement cost savings on interlocking and signaling projects as well as helping provide additional resilience to networks. The gateway works with the company's Lynx Ethernet device serving switches and Wolverine Ethernet extenders, which provide the networking infrastructure capability allowing the use of gigabit fiber optic interconnections and also the ability to use existing twisted pair or telecom cables as the data path. Resilient layer 2 and layer 3 protocols like RSTP, FRNT, LACP and OSPF allow highly reliable backbone networks to be created, bringing layer 3 routing protocols to the edge of the network. Built in firewall functionality also allows security to be implemented down to individual port level to ensure both accidental and deliberate security breaches are prevented. Functionality is provided to allow up to 64 Microlok address translations to be made and monitored. Legacy key-on/key-off support is provided as well as a unique hot/standby configuration to provide a resilient channel for hot standby controllers.

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