Endress+Hauser Enhances FieldCare and DTMs to Simplify Operations

Endress+Hauser’s device configuration and Asset Management software FieldCare, which is based on FDT Technology, is now available with full support for Microsoft Windows 8.

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The new FieldCare software also includes an extensive update of the two iDTM Versions for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus, adding all new devices that have their DDs registered with the respective foundations.

 iDTM can integrate 3rd party devices into FieldCare that do not have a native DTM by interpreting their registered DD. This support covers more than 1,400 HART devices and more than 500 FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.

In addition, some specialized modules have been added to the Endress+Hauser DTMs, such as the concentration module. Anyone who has had to work with Coriolis flow meters, Brix tables and the application-specific measuring ranges or concentration measurement in general, knows just how cumbersome it can be to manually configure the application by working with the raw data in Excel sheets. This task has now been made easier with the new concentration module for FieldCare. It allows the user to choose from a list of standard fluids or to import custom data from Excel to calculate the required density coefficients and to analyze the resulting error plot based on the application-specific requirements. Once the correct coefficients have been calculated, they can be downloaded into the flow meter automatically, making the entire process easier.

For additional information please contact info@solutions.endress.com

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