Moxa: Router with Integrated Switch

The EDR-810 helps protect automation networks from cyber attacks.

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The gigabit-performance secure router with built-in managed switch integrates security and networking functionality into a single device, which saves on deployment cost and effort. It also helps reduce power consumption and panel space compared to the usual method of using an industrial secure router that protects the control network in conjunction with a variety of switches behind it to complete the communication network. The new device is an industrial-grade 8+2G secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed L2 switching functions, which allows it to transmit data efficiently while protecting the network and critical devices from cyber attacks. Firewall policies can control network traffic between different trust zones, and Network Address Translation (NAT) shields the internal LAN from unauthorized activity from outside hosts, which is a much more secure architecture than just NAT alone. Additionally, the EDR-810-2GSFP-VPN adds Virtual Private Networking (VPN), which is designed to provide users with secure communication tunnels when accessing a private network from the public Internet. To secure Ethernet fieldbus networks that use Modbus TCP, the unit performs deep Modbus TCP protocol packet inspection using PacketGuard technology.

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