Belden: Cat 5e Cord Sets

DataTuff TC cord sets can be used in 600 V cable trays.

Aw 20364 1401np Belden

These 600V TC 1277 rated Cat 5e cord sets with RJ45 connectors make it possible to route industrial Ethernet cables using existing 600 V cable trays, reducing the cost of installation and the risk of field failure. The cabling solution also offers a family of 600 V AWM connectivity solutions that provide the easy transition from the cable tray to the applications within NEC-rated enclosures. IP20 shielded Cat 5e and Cat 6 cord set extensions, IP20 Din Rail mounted couplers, and IP20 shielded Cat 5e and Cat 6 cord sets are available for convenient direct connection with equipment and devices. The cable is fully compliant with Category 5e requirements of TIA 568-C.2. It uses 18 AWG conductors to provide the 600 V TC 1277 rating required for routing through 600 V cable trays. The cord sets are also applicable for heavy industrial mobile equipment, machinery and vehicle deployment. The TPE jackets are sunlight- and oil-resistant (Oil Res II), have an IEEE 1202 & FT4 flame rating, and are MSHA mining approved. They have a UL 1581 -40 °C cold bend rating and can withstand temperatures of up to 105 °C. Cat 5eTC cord sets have RJ45 connectors, and are RoHS approved.

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