connectBlue: Dual-Mode Bluetooth Smart Ready Serial Port Adapter

The RBS421s supports both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy and can be used as a Bluetooth Smart Ready client for any host.

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The unit provides a plug-and-play replacement for conventional serial cables up to 300 meters, and can connect to any Bluetooth low energy device, such as a sensor, to get access the device's standard services or other implemented custom services. These Bluetooth low energy v4.0 services are based on the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) and stipulate what type of task a Bluetooth device is to perform; for instance, a battery service or an automation I/O service. The port adapter can also be used in applications where a smart phone, tablet or laptop is to connect to a serial device, for example a PLC. The unit is radio type approved for USA (FCC Part 15), Europe (ETSI R&TTE), Japan (MIC - formerly TELEC) and Canada (IC RSS). It is also compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards, and Bluetooth qualified, and has embedded Classic Bluetooth stack (SPP, DUN and PAN profiles), Bluetooth low energy stack with the company's Low Energy Serial Port Service, serial RS232/422/485 interface, and support for seven slaves connected at the same time. Other features include Wireless Multidrop that allows up to seven devices to communicate simultaneously, Extended Data Mode for individual control of the channel data, and easy configuration by AT commands and configuration over Bluetooth technology.

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