Sercos International: Conformance Test Tool

The test tool offers the possibility to automatically test the full CIP Safety on Sercos protocol functionality of a device in order to prove the compliance with the CIP Safety specification.

The testing tool can be applied for originator and target implementations, no matter whether the safety functionality is part of a Sercos master or slave device. The identical test software can also be used to test implementations of CIP Safety on EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet. Vendors seeking to perform their own tests and prepare for the CIP Safety conformance test will be able to purchase the Conformance Test Tool for CIP Safety. This test tool is identical to the official conformance test system used by ODVA's Test Service Providers (TSP) to determine compliance with The CIP Safety Specification. The CIP Safety on Sercos conformance tests are currently available at ODVA's Test Service Provider (TSP) in Ann Arbor, MI. First CIP Safety on Sercos devices have already been successfully certified.

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