FDT Accredited Test Site to Begin Testing FDT2 DTMs in the U.S.

The Sensor Integration & Technology Testing (SITT) Center celebrated four years as America’s only FDT-accredited test lab for testing DTMs (device type managers) for the industrial automation industry.

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The Center plans to begin testing DTMs to the updated FDT2 standard soon. Testing the FDT2 standard will augment SITT’s current programs - currently testing DTMs for compliance to the FDT 1.2 specifications.  Testing procedures and the new dtmINSPECTOR testing tool are being finalized so test sites can begin testing FDT2 DTMs to meet industry demands for certified DTMs.

FDT2 carries many new user-friendly features and simplifies the development process by utilizing a set of Common Components (source code). Benefits to DTM users include improved interoperability, as well as Style Guide testing which unifies the look and feel of DTMs no matter what Frame Application used. Developers will appreciate using Common Components to reduce time-to-market, mitigate repeat testing, and lessen maintenance. Testing at SITT is generally completed within 10 days.

DTM testing for FDT2 certification is expected to be available by June, 2014 at the SITT Center, located at Lorain County Community College (LCCC) in Northeastern Ohio.  DTM testing to the FDT 1.2 standard will continue until further notice.

Please contact Rita Mazzola (rmazzola@lorainccc.edu) for information or a quotation for DTM testing at the SITT Center.

For more information about DTM Certification at SITT, please visit: http://www.lorainccc.edu/business+and+industry/fdt

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