Foxboro Conductivity Transmitter Leverages FDT for Easy Configuration

The Foxboro 876EC is a loop powered transmitter for conductivity measurement. It is used with Foxboro 871EC and 871FT electrodeless conductivity sensors, which offer the broadest range of materials, sizes and geometries in the industry along with unparalleled ease of use.

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These sensors are the heart of the measurement solution.  They are used for a host of applications, including concentrated acids, bases and salts.  For hazardous chemicals, the 876EC can be paired with the innovative 871FT sensor, which allows for calibration without removing the sensor from the process.

The DTM for the 876EC greatly simplifies the configuration of the transmitter for the specific application.  With the large number of sensor types, together with selections for range, temperature compensation and percent concentration, the drop-down menus in the DTM make configuration easy.  A custom curve can be programmed for temperature compensation or concentration.  With the DTM, programming is simple, as the data fields are presented in a table format.

Another advantage of the DTM is the ability to copy the configuration from one transmitter to another.  Additionally, the DTM lets users perform a firmware update when new features are added.

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