FDT2 Helps Bring Mobile Devices to Industrial Facilities

M&M Software’s free fdtCONTAINER FDT Frame Application provides touch mode to work with tablets.

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The modern interface of fdtCONTAINER application V4 from M&M Software meets high usability standards and replaces the outdated Window XP style appearance. It can be downloaded for free.

The integrated touch mode makes it easy to run fdtCONTAINER application on any Windows 8 tablet. That makes it well-suited for maintenance and service tasks that require mobility.

Users can easily access important features through the ‘Ribbon Interface’ multi-function-toolbar. The network view and DTM catalog have been enhanced with helpful features for searching and filtering information, so it’s easy to work with many field devices and their DTMs.

Like earlier offerings, version 4 is based on M&M Software’s fdtCONTAINER component – the only certified ‘common component’ for FDT Frame Applications. This ensures the highest level of conformity to the FDT specification and allows FDT® 1.2x and FDT2™ DTMs to run in parallel in the same project.

Many system and device vendors already take advantage of the OEM version of fdtCONTAINER application. With WPF technology, it is now possible to customize this software tool even more. Find out how we can create your own individual FDT Frame Application today.

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