MINI Analog Pro Signal Conditioners – Configuration with New DTM Technology

The most important task of a signal conditioner is the electrical isolation of signals between sensors in the field and PLC / DCS systems in the control room.

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Other tasks are signal filtering, amplification as well as signal conversion.  Multifunctional signal conditioners offer a variety of signal combinations and have to be configured.  The new MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners offer a variety of configuration options. Besides the easy  DIP-switch  configuration  for  standard  settings  or  the  wireless configuration  option  via smartphone this also includes a PC configuration for extra functionality.

One approach for PC configuration that is already known from the MACX and MINI Analog series is based on the manufacturer independent FDT Technology standard, which allows the configuration of devices from different vendors with the same software.  In MINI Analog Pro Phoenix Contact introduces a whole new type of DTM.  Fully  compatible  with  all standard FDT applications, the benefits  for  the  user  are  obvious:  the  same  software  solution  for programming  different types of devices as well as a modern user interface, clearly structured menus, and advanced functionalities.

MINI Analog Pro – easier than ever, but slim as before.



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