Advantech: GPRS IP Gateways for Remote Locations

The EKI-1321 and EKI-1322 include two SIM card slots to allow a choice two service providers to transmit the data.

Aw 21922 1404np Advantech

The devices will automatically switch between the SIM cards to gain the best possible signal and transmission rate. During this switch, the serial data being transmitted will be either buffered in the memory or stored on an SD card where it will be sent on when the signal resumes. In order to still be able to remotely use these gateways, the company has developed the Reverse Virtual COM by which the gateways automatically connect to a server if a public IP address is used; then the original VCOM mode can be applied as usual. For users to be able to create a secure virtual private network, the gateways include support for the OpenSource VPN software OpenVPN, which uses RSA Asymmetric Encryption technology with key sizes up to 4096 bits. To future-proof the gateways, they can used either with IP version 4 or version 6. IP version 4 is still the most common but version 6 is becoming more widely adopted. If a user's network does make the change, the gateways are easily reconfigured. They both have passed the phase-2 approval of IPv6 Ready Logo Committee.

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