Festo: Ethernet Node for Production and Process Automation

The CPX-FB36 brings new options and high performance to EtherNet/IP applications.

Aw 21925 1404np Festo

The unit is suitable for production and process automation environments requiring diagnostics from the operational and master controller level down to the field level. New features include an integrated Ethernet switch that eliminates and/or reduces the need for external switches and thereby lowers cost. The new node supports line, tree, or ring topology for greater flexibility, and also supports device level ring functionality for robust, redundant network connections. It facilitates quick connect functionality for end-of-arm tooling and other quick change applications. For fast response times, Requested Packet Interval (RPI) settings now go as low as 1 ms. Diagnostic and function integration capabilities include multiple pressure zones and power distribution zones that allow the machine designer to use one manifold where multiple manifolds would otherwise be required. Galvanic-isolated power for electronics/outputs/valves allows connection to safety relays and systems. The unit includes an integrated web server for diagnostic and parameter monitoring.

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