FreeWave Technologies: Wireless Networking Platform

WavePoint securely communicates industrial data over long distances for M2M, broadband and SCADA applications.

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The platform extends the enterprise LAN with high-speed and secure broadband communications. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity and optional 3G backhaul to enable field personnel to access information, troubleshoot/fix problems, and perform critical tasks from remote locations. It offers video surveillance, voice, and last mile infrastructure with point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, fixed and mobile mesh architectures. It is purpose-built to meet demanding requirements in a wide range of applications and environments, and includes a mix of Fast Ethernet and serial data ports to flexibly interface with a broad range of wired host devices. The platform is suitable for M2M/SCADA industrial applications in oil & gas, utilities, defense, agriculture, mining, municipal government, and enterprise systems.

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FreeWave Technologies

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