ProSoft Technology: Industrial Cellular Gateway

The ICX30-HWC allows remote site access and communication to PLCs, RTUs, and other Ethernet and serial devices.

Aw 21931 1404np Prosoft

The unit provides secure wireless Ethernet and serial connectivity to remote devices and equipment over 3G cellular service. These include PLCs, RTUs, DCS systems, instruments, electronic billboards and communication towers. The gateway is suitable for programming and maintenance, remote data collection, location-based monitoring and SCADA applications. Remote devices are accessed using secure VPN tunnels over Internet connections. In addition, the EtherNet/IP Class 3 server allows diagnostic data to be sent to a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix or CompactLogix system. The gateway supports cellular networks worldwide, including 3G GSM, WCDMA and HSPA+ networks, among others.

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