ProSoft: Modbus Serial Modules for CompactLogix L1x and 1734 Point I/O Adapters

The ILX34-MBS232 and ILX34-MBS485 modules are for applications that need RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 Modbus Serial connectivity, including SCADA and field device interface projects.

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The modules are designed to connect Modbus Serial with Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix L1x processors, and they also work with 1734 Point I/O adapters. The modules, which can be configured as Modbus Master or Slave, come with an Add-On Instruction that is used to configure the modules and creates UDTs that have logical definitions for I/O, status, and control information. These controller tags contain diagnostic data, enabling decisions to be made based on the nodes' health. They support up to 30 Modbus commands and up to 36 words per command, which should be sufficient for most applications. The -232 module is suitable for point to point applications with a maximum distance of 50 feet away (15.2 meters) from the processor; these include SCADA and field device interface applications; while the -485 module can connect multiple devices up to 4000 feet (1219 meters) from the processor.

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