Moxa Introduces PCI Express x1 Serial Cards

Three models use Moxa's patent-pending Intelligent RS-485 technology.

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Moxa ( continues to invest in and build on its strength in serial communications with the release of three new PCI Express x1 serial cards that take advantage of new patent-pending intelligent RS-485 technology. This release sends a powerful message about Moxa's commitment to customers that require serial communications products, especially when many manufacturers have already reduced or abandoned support completely. RS-485 remains a top choice for engineers who need to create small, private device networks for automation applications, and is used extensively for industrial field applications that require stable data transmission over relatively long distances.

The three new PCI Express x1 boards are compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, assuring total compatibility. Moxa has also incorporated a new patent-pending intelligent "one-click" technology that analyzes network topology and automatically configures terminators and resistors to optimal settings. On-board LED display and troubleshooting management software reduces maintenance time and cost, while 128-byte FIFO minimizes data loss while optimizing host efficiency and data integrity. Bi-directional speeds up to 921.6 Kbps achieve fast communications for industrial and embedded applications.

"After 25 years, Moxa is still introducing innovative and user-friendly products to serve our serial partners, and today offers over 500 models of serial/USB connectivity products," said Paul Wacker, Product Marketing Manager, Moxa. "Our new patent-pending Intelligent RS-485 technology greatly reduces time and effort of installing termination and bias resistors to validate network operation, making these new boards ideal for use by industrial automation system manufacturers and system integrators."

The three new boards are:
•CP-116E-A: 16 port RS-232/422/485 PCIe x1 compliant board with 15 kV ESD and 4kV surge protection onboard;
•CP-118E-A-I and CP-138E-A-I: 8-port 3-in-1, RS-422/485 PCI Express board with 4 kV surge protection and 2 kV electrical isolation;
•CP-134EL-A-I: 4-port RS-422/485 PCI Express board with 4 kV surge and 2 kV electrical isolation

With thousands of customer references throughout the United States, Europe, China, and the Asian-Pacific region, Moxa is the world leader in serial connectivity solutions. Moxa assists serial communications customers in finding perfect-fit solutions for industrial applications, such as factory automation, transportation automation, power automation, and utility automation systems. Moxa has release a statement on their long-term commitment to serial product availability, which can be found online on the page.

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