Westermo: Ethernet Line Extender

The DDW-142-485 provides high-speed network connections over existing cabling.

Aw 25651 1406np Westermo

This can make possible considerable cost savings when installing new systems where in the past the only option would have been fiber. The unit is a fully managed device with Layer 2 switch functionality that enables effective Ethernet networks to be created over distances of up to 15 km. Data rates of up to 30.4 Mbits/s are possible, making the device suitable for connecting complex networks that may include a large number of devices requiring high bandwidth. An integral 2-port 100 Mbit switch allows two Ethernet devices to be attached and a RS-422/485 port enables legacy devices to be easily incorporated into the IP network. The extender is easy to set up, requiring no configuration for simple point-to-point communications. For larger networks, a Web interface is provided and a CLI allows even more complex configuration. The unit can operate in temperatures from -40 to +70 °C and where EMC and vibration levels are high. Total galvanic isolation and transient protection of the electronics contribute to a MTBF of 437,000 hours, ensuring high operational reliability and a long service life. The extender is transparent for multicast addressing, allows VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through for IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and can be used with protocols like Modbus/TCP and PROFINET I/O.

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