Molex: Compact Ethernet Module

The Brad HarshIO IP67 module connects machine I/O to PROFINET industrial Ethernet.

Aw 27647 1410np Molex

The easily configurable, small form-factor module eases the transition for machine builders from traditional PROFIBUS to PROFINET industrial Ethernet fieldbus. The eight I/O ports can be individually configured as inputs or outputs, with M8 connectors for attaching sensing devices or actuators. This enables machine designers and installers to connect a single digital signal per port and maintain a high density of I/O points using the minimum amount of space while eliminating wiring errors and providing faster installation times. With IP67-rated housings to resist dust, liquid and vibration, the unit's on-machine mounting eliminates the need for a protective cabinet. The daisy-chain wiring topology and integrated 2-port switch with 100 Mbps full duplex data transmission allows an application to be wired entirely without switches at a lower cost. Supporting PROFINET 'Simple Device Replacement' the company's Ultra-Lock push-to-lock connection system allows fast, safe, operator independent IP67-sealed connection of cordsets.

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