Advantech: SCADA Manageable Ethernet Switches

The EKI-5525/I and EKI-5528/I ProView series are convergence switches for process control and IT networking management.

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The series uses Modbus/TCP to communicate with the SCADA software and SNMP to communicate with the NMS (Networking Management System) at the same time, thereby allowing full read control over the devices either for control engineers or for IT. The devices come with the port-based QoS for deterministic data transmission that allows the priority ports to prioritize the traffic coming over those ports and delay the less immediately necessary data over the remaining ports. This is especially useful for process control networking, allowing I/O scanning data to be sent out ahead of other traffic (even if it has been received after the other traffic) through prioritization applied by VIP port connected to embedded computing. The switches feature an operating temperature range of -40 and 75 °C (-40 to 167 ºF) along with Level 3 EMS protection.

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