ProSoft: IEC 61850 Connectivity Modules

Included are an IEC 61850 server module for ControlLogix and an EtherNet/IP to IEC 61850 client gateway.

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The in-chassis server module allows Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PACs to emulate Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) on an IEC 61850 Ethernet network, enabling the PAC to exchange data with SCADA systems. In substation automation applications, the module enables non-smart electrical substation devices, such as transformers and switchgear, to present their data as IEC 61850 IEDs to the SCADA system. An Add-On instruction in RSLogix 5000 allows for data transfer between the PAC and the module, simplifying data retrieval for the user. The EtherNet/IP to IEC 61850 gateway allows IEDs on an IEC 61850 network to communicate with PACs on an EtherNet/IP network. The gateway's two independent Ethernet ports allow the protocols to be on different subnets. The configuration software that comes with the gateway uses IED configuration files to import complex IEC 61850 data structures. Available software creates AOIs that are imported into a Logix project, using the IEC 61850 tags.

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