HMS: M-Bus to Modbus-TCP Gateway

The Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP gateway decodes M-Bus telegrams and maps meter values to Modbus registers.

Aw 66743 1505np Hms

It is possible to connect up to 20 M-Bus slaves and enable them to communicate on a Modbus-TCP network. Mapping and configuration is done in a web-based configuration tool allowing the user to set up the gateway without any programming. The solution can be extended by pairing the M-Bus gateway with an Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP, making it is possible to connect M-Bus devices to most industrial networks. Versions are available for CANopen, CC-Link, ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS and PROFINET. By getting data on consumed electricity, water, gas etc. straight into a PLC system, it is possible to get a complete overview of a site in a SCADA system, including building parameters which otherwise have to be checked separately.

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