ProSoft: Migration Gateway for DH+ and Remote I/O

The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO helps users initiate a phased migration when replacing or upgrading legacy DH+ and Remote I/O PanelViews or RIO Drives.

Aw 66745 1505np Prosoft

The gateway can also be used to upgrade PLC-5 and SLC Remote I/O and DH+ systems, and has multiple operating modes including Remote I/O Scanner, Drive, HMI, DH+ and Remote I/O Adapter. Also new is an EtherNet/IP to Square D Remote I/O gateway, which enables Rockwell Automation PACs to control Square D Remote I/O devices, minimizing the downtime required to upgrade the system. The Autoscan feature reduces configuration time, making it possible to get a system up and running quickly. The gateway's configuration data is stored on a micro SD card, which can be used for disaster recovery. These gateways make it possible to upgrade a control systems in phases, without having to schedule enough downtime to do an entire rip and replace.

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