Turck: Connectors for Mobile Equipment Use

The overmolded design of Deutsch DT connectors enhances standard industry connector.

Aw 66746 1505np Turck

The newly designed connectors ensure longevity in demanding environments where shock, vibration, cold temperature, moisture and oils can affect performance. The overmolded design, TPE jacketing and IP67 rating provide additional reinforcement, abrasion and oil resistance, and superior performance in a ready-to-use solution. The connectors are suitable for wiring harness assemblies in vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, or any application that requires a cost-effective quick disconnect solution. The series feature a fully encapsulated rugged overmold which is IP67 rated. The cable performs well in low temperatures with a -40 ºC cold bend rating, and is sunlight resistant and Oil Res II rated.

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Turck, Inc.

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