Softing: Software Update for PROFIBUS Tester

Version V3.12 is a free download and includes improvements to the cable test function of the PROFIBUS Tester 5.

Aw 90055 1511np Softing

The tester is a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing the cables, measuring the signals and analyzing the communications of PROFIBUS networks. Specifically designed for mobile operations, the tester's internal battery will power it for up to seven hours. Features and benefits include its status as the de-facto standard for analyzing PROFIBUS networks; two modes of operation - hand-held and controlled via PC software; PROFIBUS Diagnostic Suite (PC software) included; and ease of use. The unit comes fully featured out-of-the-box to do PROFIBUS electrical signal analysis, PROFIBUS communication analysis, PROFIBUS cable test, oscilloscope, master simulator; comprehensive test report generation. The tester features a straightforward graphical interface; the graphical color display presents the test results in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. In case a test result requires further explanation, a user can consult the included context-sensitive help system for a comprehensive explanation of the observed test results.

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