Data Cables have CC-Link Approval

HELUKABEL's HELUKAT 200, HELUKAT 500ID, HELUKAT 600, HELUKAT 600IND and the HELUKAT 600S PUR have received CC-Link IE Field approval.

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The cables are suitable for either fixed or continuous-flex applications and vary in data rate from Cat 5e to Cat 7. Some cable types are oil resistant and/or have halogen-free jackets. CC-Link is a Fieldbus system used in the areas of manufacturing and production machinery, industrial manufacturing cells or process control applications, testing, sensors, and actuators. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the late '90s, CC-Link enables industrial network devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate. CC-Link IE Field is one of the different formats available. It is a 1-Gbit/s Ethernet-based network that provides optimized control and deterministic handling of data along industrial communication infrastructures. Determinism is ensured by a technique of passing tokens without using additional switches. Not only does it transmit control data, but it enables information processing for maintenance and diagnostics to improve collaboration and productivity. CC-Link IE Field allows up to 120 stations to be on each network with up to 328 feet between each station and can interconnect up to 239 networks in various network topologies.

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