Embedded PC Links EtherCAT I/O to EtherNet/IP Devices

The CX8095 from Beckhoff promotes interoperability among industrial Ethernet devices and networks.

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The unit acts as a low cost slave controller with integrated connection to high-performance EtherCAT I/O technology, and is compatible with the company's entire range of bus terminals and EtherCAT terminals. For daisy-chain cabling, the embedded PC also acts as a two-port switch for EtherNet/IP. It can be used as a stand-alone controller for a wide range of industrial applications in smaller-sized machines or systems and can be used in a distributed fashion as a tie-in to EtherNet/IP systems as a single EtherNet/IP slave. When the optional virtual device (slave interface) is activated, the Embedded PC behaves like two EtherNet/IP devices to process twice the amount of EtherNet/IP process data. The unit's ability to communicate with a second EtherNet/IP controller (scanner) makes it simple to increase system availability; as a local controller it can verify the two incoming master signals by means of a plausibility check to monitor the function of the cabling, for example. Conversely, failure of one of the masters can be detected and the second master can respond accordingly.

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