Shorthaul Modems for High-Speed Wireless IIoT Communications

The WavePro WP201 shorthaul and Wi-Fi hotspot platform series from FreeWave delivers secure collection, control and transport of voice, video, data and sensor information.

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The series is a component of the company's Sensor-2-Server communication solutions. Its key benefits include: flexible fixed mesh networking that allows devices to seamlessly join; self-discovery and self-healing; dual band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz operation to maximize over-the-air data throughput; rugged design for installation and long-term operation in harsh outdoor environments; antenna configurations for Point-to-MultiPoint and Point-to-Point links and 3x3 MIMO with three data stream that delivers RF coverage for IIoT applications. The platform is designed for outdoor industrial locations and has proven reliability in extreme environmental conditions. It is suitable as a field area network solution for oil and gas, utilities, mining, power plants, municipalities, disaster recovery or any other type of industrial applications. The series can use multiple networking protocols and services designed to meet the needs of enterprise-scale communications across a wide range of critical infrastructure industries. Static routing, dynamic routing and multiple VLANs, among other services, allow for streamlined configuration and integration in remote settings where traditional SCADA networks will not suffice.

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