Industrial Hotspot Radios

ProSoft Technology's RLX2-IHNF series have features for both IT and operations people.

Aw 93707 1605np Prosoft

The 802.11abgn radios are capable of RF data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps, which is useful for I/O control and video streaming applications. They feature SNMP support (popular with IT), EtherNet/IP embedded object and Modbus agent support that enables users to get radio diagnostics into their PAC/PLC, where the data can be analyzed and acted upon, helping to reduce downtime. The units also feature ultra-fast access point switchover times of less than 10 ms, which is suitable for automated storage-retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, automotive skillet lines, and more. The QoS feature allows for data prioritization, by setting different data transmission requirements for each I/O control device or video streaming. Virtual Local Area Networks allow for network secure segmentation, allowing separate networks within an overall network.

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