New Wire Clamps for Terminal Blocks

The New POWER CAGE CLAMP from Wago is available for up to 350 kcmil conductors and offers direct panel mounting, expanding application options.

Aw 105487 1609np Wago

This version still provides all of the original model’s design advantages, such as being maintenance-free, vibration-proof, and enabling fast, hands-free wiring. Separate side entry jumper slots leave wire entry-way unhindered and able to accommodate the maximum wire size possible. In addition, the block accepts either the WMB markers or the company’s multi-line continuous strip that can conveniently be printed on site. Other features include 1/0 to 350 kcmil wire size, ratings of 310 amps up to 1,000 volts and UL recognition (CSA and hazardous location approvals pending). A clamping unit consists of a current bar, a spring and a bracket. To connect a conductor, the bracket is pushed down using a screwdriver. The spring is compressed and the conductor can now be inserted into the conductor entry hole, right between the bracket and the current bar.

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Wago Corporation

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