Weatherproof Access Point for Outdoor Wi-Fi

The AWK-4131A-US-T outdoor industrial AP/bridge/client from Moxa features an IP68-rated weatherproof housing.

Aw 107419 1610np Moxa

The unit features support for ultra-fast 802.11n and 2X2 MIMO (multiple-input /multiple-output) to improve throughput up to 300 Mbps, even under conditions of interference and multi path propagation. Tolerant of vibration, moisture and wind, it is optimized for installation in railways, bridges and marinas, as well as critical industrial applications including high-resolution IP video surveillance. The temperature range is -40 to 75 ºC (-40 to 167 °F). When used as a wireless client, the access point supports the company’s Turbo Roaming for superior wireless roaming performance, specifically 150 ms out of the box without requiring a separate controller. The unit also supports dynamic frequency selection operating in the 5 GHz band, which makes more wireless spectrum available to minimize interference and maximize bandwidth. It features dual isolation on power and RF signals, enhancing its resistance to electromagnetic disturbances. The unit also features AeroLink Protection for superior wireless redundancy and reliability; this provides a smart failover method with fast recovery time and scalability, making it easy to enable multiple layers of wireless connection protection to maximize mission-critical system uptime and keep the entire network live for continuous transmission. The unit is certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for maximum interoperability and is compliant with all major standards and approvals.

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