Push-In Conductor Connection Clamp

Push-in connectors from Rittal make it easy to connect to heavy copper busbars.

Aw 120802 1705np Rittal

These maintenance-free clamps allow for quick and easy cable connection and can be used for many different types of conductors. They are available in two clamping ranges, 0.5 – 4 mm2 and 1.5 – 16 mm2, and for copper busbars 5 and 10 mm thick in each clamping range. The stripped end of the conductor is connected to the busbar simply by pushing it into the clamping space. A separate spring mechanism holds the clamp in place on the busbar and optimizes conductivity by removing oxide layers on the busbar. A second spring inside the clamp ensures secure clamping. Quick and easy insertion into the clamping space against the spring pressure is achieved for solid, multi-wire and ultrasonic welding conductors and also fine wire conductors with wire end ferrules. Designs with twin wire end ferrules can also be connected. The connection clamp can be used for numerous applications, such as connecting protective and neutral conductors to busbars, short circuit-resistant voltage taps on the copper bars of a main busbar system, or for stringing distributors or distributor blocks with a large number of connector clamps for outgoing cables. With UL and IEC certifications, the connection clamps can be used worldwide; they are also approved for use in maritime and offshore applications

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