System-On-Chip for Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Communication

The Sitara AMIC110 from Texas Instruments simplifies industrial Ethernet communication and provides design versatility by supporting more than ten standards.

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The device is a multiprotocol industrial communication processor that provides a ready-to-use solution supporting more than ten industrial Ethernet and fieldbus communication standards. The device leverages the company’s unified software platform, Processor SDK, and the programmability of its industrial communications subsystem (PRU-ICSS) for industrial communication support in factory automation and control applications. The chip helps developers convert existing non-networked designs such as motor drives to networked systems by adding industrial Ethernet. Protocols supported include EtherCAT, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS master and slave, HSR, PRP, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, and CANopen, and more are in development. The unit can serve as a companion communication device to a microcontroller (MCU) such as the C2000 MCU, for connected drive applications. By harnessing the strengths of C2000 MCU LaunchPad development kit and the AMIC110 industrial communication engine (ICE) development board, developers can create a highly integrated and scalable Industry 4.0-ready solution.

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