Simplify Field Terminations

The TX6A UTP Field Term Plug from Panduit makes it easy to connect networked devices such as wireless access points, LED lighting, IP cameras and motion sensors, building access modules and display panels.

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The plug’s small footprint allows it to fit easily into tight port spaces or high-density port configurations with today’s most common UTP cables, including emerging power-optimized 22 AWG cabling. While the Plug works within any architecture, it is especially suited for direct connect applications which depend upon a high-performance plug that can be terminated on site. It supports Category 6A, 6 and 5e performance levels in one product, so installers can limit the parts they need to carry to each project. The field terminable plug uses the same simple forward motion termination technology and offers the same proven electrical performance as the company’s Mini-Com TG jacks. Its ability to re-terminate in the field with no additional parts provides convenience and cost savings to the installer.

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