Network Interface Controller for TSN

RELY-TSN-PCIe from Relyum is a smart pluggable board that combines in a single device Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Endpoint and TSN Bridge functionalities and provides three external fiber or copper tri-speed Ethernet ports.

Aw 166887 1801np Relyum

The unit allows seamless implementation of deterministic Ethernet networks and abstracts user equipment and applications from the attendant technical complexities. It offers the possibility to introduce TSN technology in the device where it is hosted, making possible a seamless integration in a deterministic network. This feature makes it a reliable and multipurpose networking device for critical environments. Time Sensitive Networking is able to merge OT and IT worlds and helps ensure interoperability and standardization. An effective development of these technologies offers a significant cost reduction in equipment, maintenance, seamless integration of advanced analysis services and a reduction of dependence on a single vendor. Three basic traffic types are defined: Scheduled traffic, Best-effort Traffic and Reserved Traffic. Scheduled Traffic type is appropriated for the hard real-time messages, and the Best-effort Traffic is the general Ethernet traffic that is not sensitive to any other Quality of Service metrics. The Reserved Traffic type is for frames allocated in different time-slots but with a specified bandwidth reservation for each priority type.

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