Cloud-Based VPN Service

Westermo has enhanced its WeConnect service to provide more reliable and secure connection to remote equipment.

Cloud-Based VPN Service
Cloud-Based VPN Service

Unlike with traditional VPN-based services, no additional hardware or IT expertise is required, with only six steps needed to set up a connection using a web interface. Once a connection is in place, engineers can use a PC, smartphone or tablet to gain access to equipment, wherever they might be located, helping to save time and money when servicing and maintaining remote technology. The service is hosted globally by the Amazon Web Service (AWS), now using three server locations in Ireland, the U.S. and Singapore. This helps provide about 99.9 percent availability, faster connection and minimal latency. In combination with the company’s reliable networking devices, suitable for use in extreme environments, this creates a highly reliable solution for users. WeConnect VPN status monitoring has been enhanced with email notifications should the connection be lost. Excessive and unnecessary alarms are prevented using time delay settings.

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