Layer 3 Backbone Switch

The Hirschmann DRAGON MACH4000 series from Belden allow engineers to transfer larger quantities of data faster without compromising network availability or performance.

Layer 3 Backbone Switch
Layer 3 Backbone Switch

It offers an advanced architecture that delivers bandwidth up to 10 Gigabit for connecting OT and IT networks. With four ports that can be set up for 2.5 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit, redundant power supplies and various management interfaces, engineers will be able to handle current and future bandwidth needs without compromising on availability. The extended port flexibility allows users to progressively transition the network rather than going directly from 1 Gigabit ports to 10 Gigabit ports. This makes it possible to connect OT and IT networks and progressively transition to 10 Gigabit speeds, maximize availability with redundant backbone infrastructures and transition from 1 Gigabit networks to 2.5 and then to 10 Gigabit as the network bandwidth requirements increase. The units are aimed at applications that require high bandwidths and reliable data transfer, especially in transportation scenarios, including mass transit systems such as: railway and train stations, airports and rail-rolling stock. Manufacturing, oil and gas and power transmission and distribution applications also benefit the superior performance, availability and ease of use delivered through this entirely new product family.

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