Armored Multi-Ethernet Cable for Offshore Drilling Rigs

Armored Hybrid Multi-Ethernet Cable from Hradil transmits images and data in real time, supplies power for applications in marine atmospheres and is compliant with ATEX and EX requirements.

Armored Multi-Ethernet Cable for Offshore Drilling Rigs from Hradil
Armored Multi-Ethernet Cable for Offshore Drilling Rigs from Hradil

Though standard Ethernet cables have a maximum length of 100 m, this cable can reach lengths of up to 250 m, can be used at temperatures of -60 to 80 °C, is halogen-free, and is resistant to mud, flame, oil, UV radiation and ozone. It has the required UL or cUL certifications for applications in North American markets. The cable can be used for safety-relevant real-time applications in explosion hazard environments such as offshore drilling rigs or maritime applications. Typical uses are remote or video surveillance and control, the transmission of sensor data including power supply. It can also be used in the construction sector for civil engineering work or tunnel construction, for heavy-duty construction machinery or tunnel boring machines. It is a multi-purpose Cat. 5e cable with three control cores and two sensor cables. Its outer diameter is 19.2 mm and features double armoring. The cable complies with IEC60332-1 standards and requirements: flame-resistance, IEC 60754-2; halogen-free, DIN 60811-404; oil resistance, DIN ISO 4892-2; ozone and UV resistance, DIN EN 50288-2-1; Ethernet, mud resistance, acc. to NEK 606, ATEX / IECEx: zones 1, 21; and UL/cUL-approved.

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