18-Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed PoE+ and Non-PoE Switches

Sept. 1, 2019
The LMP-1802G-SFP and LMX-1802G-SFP Series from Antaira are aimed at edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments.

Suggested applications include manufacturing automation, security surveillance, power/utility, water wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas/mining, and transportation. The units support high density Ethernet port connectivity; provide wide bandwidth, long distance data transmission; and have high reliability. They are suggested for campus ring solutions with two fiber optic ports supporting an open standard ring technology (ERPS). Using an open standard like ERPS allows equipment from different manufacturers to work together in the ring. For example, campuses have networking rings consisting of hardened and industrial switches for outdoor environments that require a wide temperature-rated device; these outdoor devices are able to communicate and send critical information back to an enterprise switch at a datacenter. The switches can not only provide a large number of PoE ports (30 Watts) for high density security applications, but also fiber optic interfaces for long range connectivity (1 meter to 100 KM) that is 3 feet to over 60 miles. The SFP port will not only allow connectivity beyond the 100 meter/300-foot limitation of copper cable but also permits connectivity through areas such as on a factory floor where electromagnetic interference may cause issues.

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