Connector Inserts for Frequent Mating/Unmating

Sept. 1, 2019
HARTING’s Han ES Press HMC enables flexible production and simplified installation up to ten thousand mating cycles.

The ability to quickly install machines and modules, reconfigure them at will and operate them without disruption is a key requirement of flexible production, and these connectors are designed for that purpose (HMC stands for high mating cycles). The contact inserts are equipped with a pre-tensioned cage clamp that is triggered by an actuator. If the actuator is pushed into the contact chamber, the cage clamp returns to its original position and secures the conductor. Only a screwdriver is needed to release the connection. The inserts fit with Han standard housing sizes 6 B to 24 B. The standard housings are already available in versions with locks and seals optimized for high mating cycles. Complementing this, contacts and grounding elements are now used that are extremely resistant to abrasion due to a special surface coating.

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