Water-Resistant PoE Bridge

The Swift Sensors PoE Standard Bridge 1011 is built to withstand washdown procedures and exposure to chemicals.

2004np Swiftsensors

This makes it suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, wastewater treatment facilities, refineries, restaurants and other spaces where water, cleaning systems, and other chemicals come into contact with monitoring equipment. After power-on, the bridge will automatically identify all sensors within range, while the Swift Sensors Console can be used to configure individual sensors or groups of sensors, with no wires to connect and no software to install. Features include an IP54-rated dust- and water-resistant enclosure to protect against ingress from all directions; a space-saving, mountable design and form factor used in the company’s 1020 and 1030 bridges; a single cable for power and Ethernet to eliminate the need for additional hardwiring and to ensure a consistent power supply; compliance with Active 802.3af and 802.3at PoE standards for use in PoE systems; and 256-bit AES enterprise encryption to deliver the same level of security found in all Swift Sensors bridges.

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