I/O for the IIoT

groov RIO from Opto 22 is an intelligent, Ethernet-based input/output unit that combines multi-signal, multifunction sensing with PoE-powered edge data processing for instant IIoT connection to real-world signals.

2004np Opto22

The unit can quickly connect traditional wired switches and sensors directly to Ethernet networks, software applications, and cloud platforms without intermediary control or communication hardware, such as programmable logic controllers, programmable automation controllers, or PCs. The first shipping version is the GRV-R7-MM1001-10, a standalone, 10-channel, multi-signal, multifunction I/O unit for signals including thermocouples, integrated circuit temperature devices, voltage inputs, current inputs, millivolt inputs, discrete DC inputs, self-wetting discrete inputs, discrete DC sinking outputs, and Form C mechanical relays. In addition, two channels provide special features like pulse counting, on- and off-time totalization, software latching, frequency measurement, and more. The unit is completely standalone and software-configurable through a browser-based interface: It can be installed and operated independently, using its embedded software tools and protocols to share data instantly across the organization. Once installed, the I/O can be independently managed and configured through browser-based tools. Per-channel I/O type and signal-processing options through groov Manage eliminate the need for a master control unit, and support for standard enterprise network services like DNS, DHCP, and VPN facilitates network connectivity. Embedded communication options range from efficient data publishing with MQTT Sparkplug to advanced signal processing, data aggregation, and transactions with databases and web services, using the low-code Node-RED environment and runtime.

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