Advantech Launches UNO-220 Raspberry Pi-Ready Industrial Gateway Kit for IoT Application Development

July 2, 2020
Advantech, a leading provider of embedded platform system, is pleased to announce its new UNO-220 Raspberry Pi-ready industrial-grade gateway kit.

In keeping with Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends, UNO-220 is designed for customers that use Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs) for developing unique IoT applications. Featuring a micro SD card with OS image and Raspberry Pi HAT I/O board, the UNO-220 industrial-grade chassis transforms Raspberry Pi 4 into an intelligent gateway equipped with additional RS-232/485 GPIO and an RTC battery for maintaining accurate time. Although UNO-220 is delivered without a Raspberry Pi SBC, the pre-finished mounting holes and accompanying attachment screws ensure easy assembly without necessitating special tools or technical expertise. For solution developers, the UNO-220 complete industrial-grade gateway kit provides the ideal Raspberry Pi-ready solution for rapid prototyping and mass deployment.

Raspberry Pi-Ready Industrial-Grade Chassis Provides IoT Gateway Solution
Advantech’s UNO-220 industrial-grade chassis is equipped with a Raspberry Pi HAT and I/O board for convenient installation of a Raspberry Pi SBC. Designed to serve as an intelligent gateway for diverse IoT operations, the UNO-220’s high-quality aluminum housing with improved heat dissipation and ESD protection provides the optimum protection for Raspberry Pi SBCs. Moreover, all system ports can be easily accessed from the outside, facilitating hardware configuration and maintenance without having to disassemble the entire chassis.

RPi HAT with Plug-and-Play Functionality for Rapid Deployment
The integrated RPi HAT I/O board offers plug-and-play compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4 SBCs’ (eliminating soldering) and features an RTC battery as well as four additional GPIO and one RS-232/485 serial port for integrating external sensors, devices, or controllers. The ability to attach physical hardware to the RPi’s GPIO connector allows customers to extend the system functionalities according to specific application requirements. Meanwhile, the inclusion of the RTC battery ensures the configuration and time settings are retained even when the system is powered off.

 8 GB Internal SD Card Equipped with OS Image
RPi SBCs operate in the open source ecosystem and typically run a suite of open source software that includes the Raspbian operating system. Therefore, the UNO-220 chassis is equipped with an 8 GB internal SD card with preloaded OS image. The inclusion of an OS image allows the RPi SBCs to identify the UNO-220 system and automatically configure the GPIOs and drivers, allowing the board to leverage Raspbian and related application software. Overall, the innovative features and Raspberry Pi-ready design make UNO-220 a cost-efficient industrial-grade gateway for rapidly developing and deploying diverse IoT systems.

Key Features

  • Aluminum industrial-grade chassis;
  • 8 GB SD card storage (supports up to 32 GB);
  • 4 x GPIO and 1 x RS-232/485;
  • 0 ~ 50 °C (-4 ~ 140 °F) operating temperature range;
  • Equipped with Raspbian OS and built-in drivers; and
  • Supports wall and DIN-rail mounting for flexible installation.

Advantech’s UNO-220 Raspberry Pi-ready industrial-grade gateway kit will be available for order in May 2020. For more information about this or other Advantech products, contact your local sales support team or visit our website at