Antaira’s 12-Port 10G Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

Antaira Technologies's 10-Gb unmanaged Ethernet switches are industrial-grade and are designed for various markets’ edge-level networking applications in manufacturing automation, power/utility, water wastewater, and oil/gas/mining.

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Antaira Technologies is a global leading developer and manufacturer of industrial networking devices and communication solutions for harsh environment applications and is proud to announce the expansion of its industrial networking 10 Gb family with the introduction of the LNP-1204G-10G-SFP​, ​LNP-1204G-10G-SFP-24​, and LNX-1204G-10G-SFP​.

Antaira Technologies’ new 10-Gb unmanaged Ethernet switches are industrial-grade. These industrial switches are ready to fulfill various markets’ edge-level networking applications in manufacturing automation, security surveillance, power/utility, water wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas/mining, and transportation. These industrial switches support high-density Ethernet port connectivity, our widest bandwidth with 10 Gb fiber ports, long distance data transmission, and an exceptional reliability factor.

The LNP(X)-1204G-10G-SFP series of industrial switches are furnished with eight 10/100/1000mbps twisted pair ports, two 1000 mbps SFP sockets, and two 10 Gbps SFP+ sockets providing a wide range of connectivity options.

For intelligent transportation systems, the ​LNX-1204G-10G-SFP​ is ideal. Oftentimes there may be 1000Mbps fiber links in place that need more modern 10 Gb speed links. The LNX-1204G-10G-SFP can support the existing link wit​h 1000mbps SFPs installed into either of the two SFP sockets. ​When faster SFPs are placed in the SFP+ sockets at both ends of the fiber link, the link will be upgraded to 10 Gbps speeds. This industrial switch provides many options when migrating from a gigabit speed fiber backbone to 10 Gbps.

If your application requires PoE, Antaira’s ​LNP-1204G-10G-SFP ​will provide up to 30W per port while providing options of 1 Gb or 10 Gb over fiber as a backbone for long range connectivity. This industrial PoE switch can be mounted by DIN-Rail or a wall mount (wall mounting plates included). If you are looking for an industrial PoE switch which uses low voltage input as a power source, Antaira’s ​LNP-1204G-10G-SFP-24 will be the best choice with a voltage input range of 12~55VDC.

For more details about Antaira Technologies’ industrial 10 Gb unmanaged switches, please feel free to visit ​​; or contact Antaira Technologies toll-free at 1-844-268-2472. 

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