EIGR-C3 Gigabit Cellular Router Now Available

The EIGR-C3 Gigabit Cellular Router from Contemporary Controls is a high-speed router that links cellular to 10/100/1000 Mbps Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks.

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We are now shipping the EIGR-C3 VPN Router which allows for cellular, secure VPN connection to remote sites where a wired connection is not an option. The Contemporary Controls EIGR Series gigabit IP routers allow you to separate your information technology and operations technology infrastructure, with VPN models allowing secure remote access to devices at a job site.

The popular EIGR line has been expanded with the introduction of the EIGR-C3, a 4G LTE cellular router that has been certified and approved for use on Verizon networks. It is a high-speed router that links cellular to 10/100/1000 Mbps Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks—passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. One network is the local-area-network (LAN); the cellular is the wide-area-network (WAN). It also has an Ethernet port that can act as the WAN if cellular access is not required. The built-in stateful firewall passes communication initiated on the LAN-side while blocking WAN-side initiated communication. With Port Address Translation (PAT), LAN-side clients can access the Internet. The EIGR-C3 incorporates a built-in CAT1 cellular modem, a real-time clock, and OpenVPN client functionality compatible with the Cloud-VPN service from Contemporary Controls. The EIGR-C3 operates over a 0 to 60°C temperature range and the EIGR-C3X operates over the −40 to +75°C range.

The router comes with a Verizon SIM pre-installed. Data plan options for 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB monthly use are available. Depending on the application requirement, a plan that allows data overage (with overage charges) or a plan that prevents overages by shutting down data after reaching a monthly data limit can be selected. Static IP options are also available if required.

The EIGR-C3 router supports both the main and diversity antennas required for optimum LTE signal reception. A choice of whip antennas that can be mounted directly on the unit or antennas with extension cables can be used. Although the EIGR-C3 has many of the same features found in high-end routers, it is simpler to install and commission. A resident DHCP server on the LAN-side will provide IP addresses to LAN-side clients. Router configuration is via a web browser. With DIN-rail mounting , a rugged metal enclosure, and the ability to be powered from a low-voltage AC/DC power source the EIGR-C3 is ideal for automation and building management systems alike.

Visit the Contemporary Controls webpage and follow the Products>IP Routers link for more information.

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